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Transmission Reconditioning in Montreal

The transmission system of your car is a complex system. Hence, any work on your transmission should be trusted to professionals who have up-to-date knowledge and are experienced. At TJR Auto, we are Montreal’s go-to transmission reconditioning professionals. From fitting a new transmission to replacing a defective transmission unit, we do it all. The automatic transmission fluid is an essential component of your transmission system that not only enables the transmission to function but also acts as a lubricant, sealant and cleansing agent. If you see a puddle of fluid on your garage floor or driveway, bring your vehicle to us. Other unusual symptoms that you can keep a watch for are:

Burning odour from overheated fluid

Noises when the car is in neutral

Gears change to neutral by itself

Do not ignore transmission problems. For routine inspections and service of your transmission, give us a call today.

Your Auto Repair Centre in Montreal

We will work with you to keep your vehicle running smoothly for many years to come.

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