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Hassle-free Brake Repairs in Montreal

Your vehicle’s braking system is one of its most important safety features, and cannot be taken for granted. Worn-out or unadjusted brakes will reduce stopping distances, compromising safety. Whether you have anti-lock brakes or not, you have to be sure that your braking system can keep you safe on hillsides and wet, icy roads. At TJR Auto in Montreal, we offer brake repairs and/or replacement services after carrying out a complete inspection. While we are here to make sure your car is safe to drive, here are some signs that you can watch out for:


  • You feel your car is taking longer to come to a stop

  • Your car feels like it is pulling to the left or right when you hit the brake

  • You feel vibration in the steering wheel when you apply brakes

  • You hear a grinding sound/high-pitched squeal

  • To have your brake diagnosed and repaired, get in touch with us today.

Your Auto Repair Centre in Montreal

We will work with you to keep your vehicle running smoothly for many years to come.

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